Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

Supporting independence,
well-being and friendship.

Untold Living is committed to delivering an Integrated Retirement Community (IRC), in Sovereign Harbour, which will provide much needed housing with care, to the Eastbourne community, whilst enhancing the character and heritage of the sea front.

Approach from White Point Houses Approach from White Point Houses.
Approach from Martinique Way Approach from Martinique Way.

While we are in the early stages of the planning process, our vision is to create a community (IRC), that provides independence, support and a caring environment for its residents.

What is an Integrated Retirement Community (IRC)?

Untold Living's proposed development in Eastbourne is a response to a lack of housing with care in the South East and in particular Eastbourne.

IRC's are uncommon in the UK and much mis-understood. IRC's are not apartment blocks, they cannot be sublet or used as holiday homes. The IRC model is a service offer, that sits between Care Homes and Retirement Housing.

Approach from White Point Houses Approach from Martinique Way Approach from Martinique Way

Our proposed community will be characterised by:

Every resident has their own apartment with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom etc.

24/7 on site care and support (Optional, but integrated into the infrastructure)

Shared communal facilities - lounge, restaurant, hairdressers, multi-functional space etc.

IRC's are flexible service offer. You can move into an apartment in your late 60's or 70's, when you are in relatively good health, and the community adapts to your needs as you age. Untold communities are designed specifically with an older population in mind, slips, trips and falls are minimised and quality of life for residents is both improved, and extended. There is extensive empirical evidence (here in the UK and abroad) that proves that IRC's, counter intuitively, take pressure off local medical service through crisis prevention and enhanced wellbeing.

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Frequently asked questions

Will this benefit the local community?

Untold are investing approx. £66 million in the construction project and will run the operations long term. The CBI estimates that for every £1 spent in construction it generates £2.92 in the wider economy. That equates to approximately £190 million, much of which will benefit Eastbourne itself.

Will this support the local economy?

Our proposed development will generate approximately 40-50 full and part time jobs in Eastbourne/Sovereign Harbour and excellent long term career opportunities. This long term presence and relationship with the local community will bring net benefit to Eastbourne particularly in the arena of youth employment and training.

In addition the construction project will employ 100+ people over the duration of the project and circa 20-30 apprenticeships.

Will this impact Martello Tower?

We are aware that there is concern about Martello Tower, as a listed land mark. We do not own the Martello Tower, our engineers have confirmed that our development will not impact the structural integrity of the tower in any way.

Will this impact traffic and parking?

There are fewer car parking spaces than apartments at the proposed development. This is a function of the fact that we will be running a community car club and mini-bus and that a high percentage of residents will arrive having already surrendered their driving licence. This is typical in an IRC where the average age of entry into the community is 80 years old.

Traffic from IRC's are typically for staff (many of whom will use public transport) and suppliers. Operational IRC's do not generate a significant increase in local traffic.

Will disturbances be kept to a minimum?

Community activity typically occurs between the hours of 7.00am and 9.00pm.

Our contractors will abide by the 'Considerate Constructors' scheme and the community engagement manager will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. We aim to be good neighbours.

Wider benefits

Freeing up family homes

Any and all development in the UK is contentious. The UK's 65+ demographic currently make up 19% of the overall UK population have 42% of the UK's housing wealth. 65% of this 65+ demographic live in homes with two, or more, spare bedrooms (ONS data) and whilst we should build more modern homes we should also encourage more intelligent distribution of housing.

Our proposed development at Eastbourne, when full, will free up approximately 100+ family homes locally and across the south east. Typically 8-10 semi-detached / single family homes will fit on an acre of land. Our development at approximately 2.5 acres is an efficient use of space.

Enhanced biodiversity

Untold Living is subject to UK planning law and we will abide by any and all legal guidelines pertaining to the preservation of the environment. In addition our landscaping strategy will introduce a net gain in biodiversity on the site. It should also be pointed out that as the development will free up circa 100+ family homes, therefore preventing the requirement to build 100+ new family homes in Sussex. As such one might reasonably argue that there is net gain to environmental protection in the development of this IRC.

Local medical services

Whilst some residents may come from outside of Eastbourne, we expect the majority to come from 0-5 miles of the community. This will in fact alleviate local pressure on GP's and hospitals due to the extensive facilities and support available on site. Please refer to

Footfall in the local economy

Residents in IRC's spend money in the local economy. Typically 75% + of the residents use local shops on a weekly basis as well as taxis, pubs cafes and restaurants. Research by ILC-UK for Age UK found that the 65+ population accounts for 20% of total UK consumer spend. This expected to grow to 25% by 2030. We expect to see an additional £350,000 - £700,000 to be spent within 1 mile of the community annually.

Note: this excludes the construction phase which will employ local labour, professional firms and the wider local supply chain.

Will the development increase the flood risk?

No. We have worked with the environment agency to insure that all reasonable flood risks have been mitigated. The building has been designed with climate change resilience as a key design driver and the developments underground car par designed to act as a flood risk 'buffer' to the surrounding area.